Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend Wisdom

 That's right, we found ANOTHER snake in our house this weekend! This time we tried...mostly unsuccessfully to measure it. We hypothesized that snakes like our heated tile floors.

In other news, our local zoo had a free day this weekend. As we walked through the gate, Squeaker grabbed a pamphlet with a picture of an eagle in it. As we wandered through the park she was constantly chattering about finding her eagle. She was thrilled when we walked up the hill to the train and found her eagle!

Another interesting event occurred this weekend. The Bear's birthday is this week and we're holding a big family party on Saturday for her. Husband and I sat down Sunday evening to plan the food and as we sat there with our notebook all three of the kids climbed up to the table with their notebooks and coloring supplies. It was a great reminder to of "you not them" and "inspire not require." Kids are always watching our examples and are eager to join in when we don't require it of them.

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