Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Wisdom

Now that we're FINALLY settled, I'm going to try to start blogging regularly again! So, here is the second edition of "Weekend Wisdom," which is the fun "schooly" things we happen to do over the weekend...because learning doesn't only happen M-F 9-3!

The most important schooling activity that went on this weekend was for me to sit down and figure out what our daily schedule was going to look like. What's funny is that not doing school this last week was actually really hard, because my kids were constantly asking to be entertained. Not that we've nailed down our new schedule everyone is so much happier!

This weekend we played with push pins, played lots of soccer, built with Legos and had a wonderful visit from cousins...I can really get used to this whole "living close to family" thing!

Both of my guys are building Legos in the new office. Not pictured here is the wall of food storage to the left, fire place to the right, treadmill behind and book shelves in between! I'm so happy to be in a house where we can have all the books on display again!
And they spent hours working with cousins on the city of Troy:

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