Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Schedule

This is our new daily routine. It is really nice to be able to have so much time, to have such a free schedule. By the time we left California we had so many activities and classes that I felt like a crazy lady. I'm planning on being much more picky about the things we add into our schedule, mostly because anything to do is a 30 minute drive to town and you know I won't be doing THAT more than once a week. For now we have NO ACTIVITIES, just our schooling, playing and chores.

The Bear's binder
We start the day with breakfast and getting dressed. Then we have circle time...which is pretty much new for us. For now our circle time consists of: scripture (this week we're learning John 3:16...because the Bear saw it on the back of a semi-truck and had a million questions about truckers and scriptures and Christianity in general), learning a song (this week it is "Father We Thank Thee for the Night), we discuss our schedule for the day and then I read a few chapters from our read-aloud (this week it is Frank Einstein).

After Circle Time the kids are completely free to do whatever "school approved" activities they would like. They can work on their current goals (think TJEd compass...i.e. the kids decided on their own goals they want to work on for the next two months), do an art project, play any of the school games that don't require technology, etc. If they happen to do something on paper they can put it into their binder (again a TJEd inspired idea).

 Today the Bear wanted to start off by working on her goal to better understand fact families. I found a fun game on pinterest for her to do just that and added in a multiplication and division part. She rolled the dice twice to get her initial 2 numbers, then she had to find the fact families. EASY! She got the practice she wanted and it was FUN! Squeaker played with pattern blocks and Buddy built domino structures and knocked them down with his catapult.

And then they chose some handwriting practice. Buddy has really been wanting to write but gets frustrated that his letters and numbers aren't perfectly formed. So frustrated that he ends up refusing to do any writing. So I suggested that we practice writing the letters and numbers he has difficulty with and he's been pretty happy focusing on them. 

After about an hour and a half of school only activities we had a snack and the kids all ran outside to play soccer. Once it gets colder and wetter outside we'll spend some of the late morning using the computer, tablets or TV to do other "school" activities like typing.

Today we had lunch out with dad and then ran a few errands and stopped at a park. The rest of the afternoon will be freeplay at home. But this is also the time we could go to the library or go to classes, if those end up happening.

Around 4 pm we do chores. The Bear is in charge of dishes and sweeping. Buddy is in charge of the hall bathroom and garbage around the house. And Squeaker does the dusting. I vacuum and then start dinner. Dinner is usually low-key for us because we prefer eating a big lunch.

After dinner we play, read, and usually end up watching a silly show. Yesterday it was "The General" with Buster Keaton.

If you were curious about what the inside of the binder looks like: (goals and artwork)

And here is our new schedule posted on the fridge so I don't have to remember!

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