Monday, November 23, 2015

Inspire, Not Require

I love when we have days where everyone works away on their projects. The Bear has always loved art, but has really dived into it again since we moved. We found an under the sea coloring book and she decided she would do a picture in it for her cousin who is an animal/dinosaur fanatic. When she finished her picture she decided she'd take it a step farther and do a "research paper" for him too! I pulled up a few websites with hammerhead information, she read through it all on her own and wrote up this paper all by herself. 

The thing I love about having a group of kids who are all so different in ages and interests is that they all inspire each other with their individual interests. The Bear asked to do some water color painting and of course that got Buddy and Squeaker excited to do the same. Likewise, Buddy's interest in dinosaurs and building has certainly rubbed off on the girls.

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