Friday, October 16, 2015

Weekly Update: We're Moving!

 The good news is that we won't be any farther away from Disneyland, instead of being 12 hours north, we'll be 12 hours east! Hooray!

This week we've been cleaning and organizing and getting rid of clutter. We're waiting to box things up until this weekend. I scheduled movers, cancelled utilities, got an oil change (we are going to miss the carousel at the Toyota service center!) and finished our samples for the charter school. The Bear and Buddy got to bring home some of their work from classes:

"Monkeys groom to show they care."
The Bear drew a scene, copied it and colored each one differently. She is going to miss this art class!

The kids have been more interested than ever in some of their toys they found under their beds and in books we haven't read for a long time, since we haven't gotten new library books for about a week.

We've also spent a decent amount of time dreading the long drive that awaits us Wednesday...22 hours in a car with normal traffic. In a Uhaul it could take a lot longer. Ugh.

We've also tried to keep things as normal as possible this week, like going to on-site classes, gymnastics and martial arts. And of course, with all this change and excitement everyone decided to get sick too...lovely. However, I think we're finally done passing this nasty virus around and we should all be healthy to enjoy EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE of our long road trip!

Wish us luck! And I should be back to blogging much more regularly once we finally get settled in the next few weeks!

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