Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekend Wisdom

This is a new series I'll be posting every Monday about the fun schooling stuff we do over the weekend..because learning happens all the time, not just 9-3 on the weekdays!

Buddy had lots of fun exploring with magnets he picked up from Dad's Chief Engineer! He found out he could make them spin by separating them into two groups and using the magnetic forces to nudge the group on the ground with the group in his hand. He also had fun exploring what kinds of thing the magnets would hold together through (his ear, paper, his hand, milk lid and more).

My husband is really excellent at giving the kids challenges to earn fun rewards. This weekend he did some spelling challenges. The Bear was challenged to spell prophet, elephant and guitar. She didn't get any of the right the first time around, but with some work she figured it out. Buddy was asked to spell Batman. The first time he tried he forgot the second "A." He then spent 30 minutes writing and rewriting until he had it correct. I was really excited to see how much effort he was willing to put into this project even though he already knew he wouldn't be getting the reward. Next day he was challenged with the word "Robin" which he got correct on the first go!

We spent a while Sunday afternoon singing all together as my husband played his guitar. The kids each took turns singing little made-up songs to whatever chord progression he felt like playing. What was really wonderful was that Buddy was very unsure about the whole thing at first. When it was his turn to sing a song he asked the Bear, "Did you just make up that?" Once he understood that he got to make up any story he wanted and sing it instead of speak it he had a blast singing about kids getting to eat all the candy they wanted and going on slides 59 feet long. The Bear sang about majestic unicorns exploring in fields and little Squeaker made up a song about her beloved Snoopy going swimming at the pool.

Another couple things we did are have a spontaneous discussion during lunch about quarts and pints and gallons and how many go into each. We watched "Australia's 72 Dangerous Animals" on Netflix. We measured each other in centimeters and meters. And we were spiritually edified as we listened to what our church calls "General Conference" where we listened to the leaders of our church give inspiring talks on family, the gospel, and improving ourselves.

What unschooling work did you do this weekend? Leave a link or comment below!

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