Friday, October 23, 2015

Time for Change...Again

We already changed a lot about my approach to homeschooling, especially in regards to Buddy. (You can read about that HERE, HERE, and HERE.) But the thing I ADORE about moving, is that it is the perfect time to change things. Somehow it seems easier to make habit changes when you're already making so many big changes about where you live, who your friends are, where your library and neighborhood grocery store is located, etc.

They did a lot of this during the 22 hour drive out to New Mexico!
So, we have finally arrived out here in "the old cowboy country" as my kids put it! We're spending lots of time with family and slowly moving into our house. But once we finally get settled and unpacked these are the things I am excited about implementing in our new SW homeschooling routine!

1. Math games! I get the whole workbook thing, it feels like you're accomplishing something. Like you can prove what your kid is learning. But I've started to really, REALLY dislike math workbooks. I have found a bunch of math dice, domino and card games on Pinterest that I am STOKED to try out! You can check out my STEM board on Pinterest to find these games...go ahead and click on the Pinterest link right now so you don't forget!

2. Get input from my kids about what they want to learn. We already do a really good job of looking things up and learning about things they have specific questions about. But so far they haven't had much input about what direction we move in. Does the Bear want to really focus on art? I have no idea, because I haven't asked her. Maybe they are a bit young to even know what they want to do. I guess I'll find out once we get settled!

3. Be less busy! This fall we took on A LOT of activities. And while I'm glad we did it so they had a bunch of fun stuff to do right before we moved, I'm happier that we now have NOTHING to do. I like being at home. I like sitting on the floor playing games and reading. When all the kids have 2 activities each week plus on-site classes to get to we just end up running around all day with very little time to sit and be peaceful. The only thing I'm going to do before Christmas is try to find a co-op/support group that meets for activities.

4. Really incorporate gospel study into our every-day lives. I think I'm going to work on ponderizing a scripture with the kids each week. Find a verse that is uplifting or encouraging to help focus our thoughts first thing in the morning.

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  1. This week, we decided to change things up a bit, too! Instead of a boxed curriculum, we are trying a more delight-directed approach. We have also incorporated math journals into our day, which my kids love. I agree, math games are so much more fun than workbooks!


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