Friday, October 2, 2015

Alternative Activities: Week 6 Wrap-Up

This week, we were slowly getting back into the swing of things after last weeks events...which you can read about here. Now, at first glance I had a hard time thinking about specific school activities that we worked on this week. But that is the thing I LOVE about the whole un-schooling idea, our every day activities, especially for young kids, is how they learn and grow.

Here are a few of our school activities this week:

Yahtzee and card games for number recognition and multiplication/addition practice.

Abstract art and more sewing. The Bear is becoming more independent with the machine and almost is able to thread the machine without help. She is great at ripping seams out and paying attention to the details of her work.

Building car ramps with blocks: physics/cause and effect.

Stamps and stickers because they're fun and help with fine motor strength and letter recognition.

Biscuit Making to go along with our pirate unit.

Mental multiplication. Both the Bear and Buddy love to figure out how much 3 9's (etc.) equals. 

Reading, lots of reading! Pirate books, Nancy Drew (the Bear keeps hoping to find the Phantom Tollbooth so she can re-read it, but someone has checked it out AGAIN!), Cleo the Cat books and I'm currently reading Leadership Education by the DeMille's. Next up will be one of John Holt's books, can't wait!

And of course, the kids went to their usual on-site classes and gymnastics or martial arts. Even though I can't say we did a single page in any work book, I still feel like we had a good week. We were happy reading and working together. Each morning when I finally rolled out of bed, I got up to find each of the kids happily working on their own projects. I'd call that a success!

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