Monday, October 19, 2015

All About Moving

We are relocating from the NW to the SW. It is a big change and we have a behemoth of a road trip two days away. But I'm glad to report that everyone seems to be excited for the move.

I was excited for our move (and still am) until we went to our last class of Girl Scouts and sewing group. I guess I hadn't given myself time to think about all the good and fun things we have done here in the last year and a half. As my friend announced that this would be the Bear's last G.S. meeting she got all choked up! And then I was all teary too. It's really great to know that we have such good friends who love us and will miss us.

Some of my good friends at sewing group! Amy, me, Danielle, Kathy and Carin
But we have lots of great things to look forward to! We are moving closer to my husband's family so we'll be able to see grandparents and cousins on a very regular basis, which I think is really helping the kids to be excited and realize they are gaining more than they are losing.

Here is the official list of things we will miss (not in order): the $1200 per child to put toward any curriculum or extra-curricular activity for each of the school-aged kids each year. And all my awesome friends! We've had so much fun at play-groups, exercise group, sewing group and church activities. I'm grateful for their advice and support and friendship over the last year and a half. And being surrounded by lots of natural beauty. I'm sure the desert has its good sunsets, right? But grass, ferns, Redwoods, and the beach 5 minutes away is pretty hard to beat!

What we're gaining: 1. Self-employment which embodies a plethora of benefits for my husband who is the sole bread-winner for our family...and in the end a happier, less-stressed husband means he'll be happier at home. 2. Closer proximity to my husband's family! We currently live about 9 hours from most of my family but will soon be only an hour away from most of his family, plus we've lived in the NW for the last 6 years, so I guess it's his family's turn! 3. And the other main thing we're gaining is cheaper cost of living: we live in California right now, 'nuff said.

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