Friday, September 4, 2015

When It's Time to Quit: Week 2 Wrap Up

Day after day we sit on the couch or at the table or on my bed. "Just focus," "Just finish this page," "We're almost done!" This is what I kept telling my son. "What's the NEXT SOUND! I know you know it!" Instead of wanting to sit and read with me (like he did only a few months ago) he tells me he's tired or needs a break.

I don't even require him to do that much sit and focus stuff--maybe 30 minutes of math, reading and writing combined. BUT IT'S NOT WORKING. I was so excited for him to begin his official homeschooling (we've been reading books and learning the alphabet and playing with numbers for years) but didn't think it would turn out like this.

I realize now that it is RIDICULOUS to assume he'll do the same work in the same way as the Bear. She is a year and a half older and VERY ADVANCED for her age. Buddy is much more of a creative type, is a boy and still super wiggly.

How did I realize it was time to throw everything I was doing out the window? Wednesday I picked my kids up from their on-site classes and the Bear said, "Buddy needs to be happier about doing school with you because when you're cranky you can't learn anything."


Boy can I tell you. That just stopped me in my tracks. Will obviously hates what we're doing and it's so obvious to everyone but me! I don't want him to hate reading and math!

I immediately went to the library and got all the books I could find on teaching reading and writing. I also looked up a whole bunch of unschooling website which were super reassuring, especially "I'm Unschooled: Yes I Can Read and Write". I just was having a hard time believing in "the process." Then I emailed two friends with older kids and asked them for their input. Then I talked to my husband about how overwhelmed and worried I was feeling.

Then I felt a HUGE amount of relief. Everything is going to be OK. Then I thanked God for all the great people around me. And then I started making a plan.

I'm keeping all the "fun" curriculum books I ordered so when he feels so inclined he can crack them open and work on them. Otherwise we're drastically changing what "school" looks like for my 5 year old guy. Check back soon to see what we changed and how we're doing!

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