Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Using TV to Teach

We do not watch much television in our home (basically none during the week and almost a free for all on Saturday). That being said, TV has actually spawned some AMAZING CONVERSATIONS with our kids. We like to sit all together and talk about our shows while we're watching and after we've watched it for days! This gives the kids a chance to process all the information they are getting.

Usually the kids ask about how realistic the TV show is, since most of our entertainment is fictional (although we also LOVE to watch nature documentaries on Sundays). So, here are a few examples of shows we have watched and how they spawned educational conversations.

Dr. Who: lead to a conversation about clocks and how mechanical things work. We checked out books from the library and learned about how cogs work.

Young Justice: we talked about sharp shooting, family history (hubby has a great grandpa who was an AMAZING shot from horseback), and watched videos of real people shooting with bow and arrow as well as with guns.

Tremors: guessed and then defined the word tremor. Then predicted what the movie may be about based on that word.

Again, this is similar to taking time at the grocery store to MAKE that experience an educational opportunity. If you sit with your kids and talk about the media you're consuming, even if it is the silliest thing (like superheroes), it can be educational! Happy Homeschooling!

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