Friday, September 25, 2015

Interest-Based Learning: Week 5 Wrap-up

We had, yet again, a week where we seemed to follow no schedule. This occurred for several reasons, mainly my parents visited and I went through a miscarriage...yes a miscarriage, you can read about that here. Here are the things we were able to accomplish.

Field trips to the beach, avenue of the giants and the zoo with grandparents:

On-site classes and extra-curricular activities:

And the last two days of this week we spent a lot of time enjoying our hobbies. The Bear spent several hours doing math on and working on a quilt for her cousin in Washington. It is really fun to share the love of sewing with her. She is very motivated and doing a great job working the machine and iron on her own.

Squeaker has been sick, so we've snuggled a lot. And Buddy started drawing awesome pictures of insects (all summer long he's been capturing and releasing insects and arachnids). He really dove into this project and started copying down the name and definition of the insects he was drawing from a bug book we own.

I love having the freedom to let the kids work on the things that interest them. It's been hard for me to step back and say "yes" when the kids ask to do certain get out the sewing machine/anything that will take time or make a mess. But I'm trying really hard to help them do what they want so they LOVE doing their work of learning.


  1. Wow, I am impressed with your daughter and her quilt squares. I have always wanted to see a quilt, but I have no talent on the sewing machine.

    1. Thanks! I love quilting and she's super interested in it, I assume, so that we have something special to do together. Either way, it's really fun to see!


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