Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hotel and Gift Shop Homeschooling

 Hotels are SO FUN, and yes, we've even figured out how to learn stuff while we're there! Squeaker is showing me her favorite NUMBER! And the Bear is telling me that it is WAY PAST OUR BED TIME, which when you think about it is a SYNTHESIS of READING TIME and UNDERSTANDING what the time means. Another great thing about hotels is that their walls are plastered with NUMBERS! So the youngest kids get practice with SINGLE DIGIT NUMBER RECOGNITION as we walk down the hall and young elementary kids practice PLACE VALUE and NUMBER READING in the HUNDREDS PLACE. Younger kids can also MATCH NUMBERS: "Do the 3 numbers on the room key match the 3 numbers on the door?"

Hotels occasionally have gift shops, and chances are if you are in a hotel you're on a trip where you could stop at free museums and gift shops. Here are some goodies from our trip: Advice from a beaver. This is fabulous CRITICAL THINKING. Why would a beaver tell us these things? Later you can extend that into a WRITING PROJECT, either back at the hotel with the free pen and paper they leave in the room, or once you're back home.

Maps are one of our favorite things. This is a map of Big Foot sightings. We got to DISCUSS what URBAN LEGENDS are and turned that into a discussion of other tall tales like Paul Bunyan.

 There was also a collection of REALLY OLD STUFF. I love getting to show my kids that things weren't always the same, I love HISTORY! I made sure to point out the CHAMBER POT to the Bear. (We do a medieval unit every winter, so this year she's gonna flip when she realizes what a chamber pot is used for!) We also saw an old cash register, safe and waffle makers! Buddy's favorite thing was the collection of old locks and keys.

There are so many opportunities (many of which are free) to get out of your house and explore! Happy homeschooling! For other ideas about how to get out and learn you can check out: school at the dump, at the river, in the woods, at the docks, and at the grocery store.

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