Saturday, September 5, 2015

Homeschooling Hike

 We started our hike at the visitors center where we READ about THE RING OF FIRE and got to use this cool, INTERACTIVE MAP to OBSERVE the locations of all the VOLCANOES and most active SEISMIC areas....then we talked about what "Seismic" means.

 The Bear got to play with this display that SIMULATES EARTHQUAKES.

 Then we got to look into this little cabin that had a real SEISMOGRAPH and discuss what the different parts do. Then we discussed how the SEISMOSAURUS got its name and what its name means.

We got to READ about the HISTORY of the VOLCANO and the local area. We also had PRACTICE READING MAPS, CHARTS and GRAPHS.

We OBSERVED EFFECTS of the drought and searched for EVIDENCE of FAUNA (one of our vocabulary words from last year!) We found these things in dry creek beds and bug eaten logs. We DISCUSSED our SENSES to help us discover more evidence of animal life. We heard birds, saw animal burrows and observed ants running in and out of their home. We hoped to see some SCAT too, but didn't get that lucky!

We used our IMAGINATION while hiking and DISCUSSED why one side of this log bounced more than the other side.

We also had time to sit and quietly enjoy the beauty of the earth.

We also got to listen to sounds of local animals
There are so many great opportunities to learn about the world around us, so get out into your community and start exploring! If you need more ideas about how to utilize even the smallest town check out these other posts on homeschooling at the grocery store, at the dump, the docks, the river, at a hotel, and in the woods.

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