Monday, September 7, 2015

Homeschool Overhaul...schedule, curriculum and expectations

In case you missed it, I kinda had a melt down last week! It started 2 weeks ago as we began our official regimen for the new year. I could tell immediately that what I had picked out for Buddy, starting kindergarten, was not going to work.

At first I tried to adapt, especially with the math curriculum. I added in more manipulatives and required less writing...but he was still fidgety and uncooperative. And then he stopped wanting to read with me. He was unhappy and as each day passed I got more and more frustrated with him and with myself!

Then I had an epiphany, he is 2 years behind the Bear developmentally. "What was I doing with the Bear 2 years ago?" .... oh yeah, there were no work books or "structured" learning going on. WHAT WAS I THINKING? He's not ready to sit and practice his sounds, he's ready to play and have fun with letters, sounds and numbers.

So every day after breakfast I pull out his crate with all his school books (so he can choose one if he'd like). Then I get out all the math manipulatives we have and writing tools. He has access to Legos, library books,,, ABCmouse, LeapFrog tag pen activities and Kahn Academy. And as the Bear works her way through her school work (which has also changed in its nature) he can choose from any of these activities.

School time lasts from after breakfast (usually around 8) until about 11 when they can go play outside or continue whatever they are doing. Then lunch. Then either on-site classes at the charter school for two hours or we work on our family unit study for about an hour. Then it's more free time until 4 when we do our daily chores and get ready for dinner.

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