Friday, September 11, 2015

Changing Homeschooling Plans/When Life Happens: Week 3 Wrap-Up

So I made all these changes to how homeschooling is going to work for us (which you can read HERE, HERE, and HERE) did the first week go?
Well, Monday and Tuesday we went out of town! We took advantage of not needing to be back in school on Tuesday and spent the day at a music store, swimming at the lake and eating out! It was glorious to revel in the freedom of our schedule!

Wednesday we spent the morning catching up on some of our Italian unit (which I will explain in a post coming up). The kids were so excited to get back to work after our break that it almost made me wish we had stayed in town! Wednesday we also had some on-site classes and gymnastics for the girls. While the big kids were at their classes, Squeaker and I put on joy-school with our friends.

Thursday, I felt totally burned out after attending our play-group, drive-thru lunch, Italian lessons and speech class. I also started to feel really stressed that we hadn't done anything but read a few books in the morning because I slept we went to a park near our house. And then I remembered that I had to return our library books still! Ugh.

Luckily, my husband got home early and sent me off while he watched the kids and helped them do their chores. I happily went to the library and then down-town. I ate a chocolate filled croissant then spent an hour and a half in a used book store.

Friday I have a sewing group that I go to while the Bear and Buddy are at on-site classes (History through art, choir and group dance). Then, they requested a trip to the beach...and because we've had a totally off-kilter week that's what we are going to do! Our Italian unit will have to wait until next week. I was really beating myself up about that earlier today, but my little outing really cleared my head. We didn't spend any time doing math workbooks this week, but that's ok! Life happens and my kids aren't any the worse for it. Next week we'll pick back up on our book learning and start Life of Fred: Apples!

So, how did I do in my first week of our new routine? Well, I was feeling like a failure because I had certain ideas about what our routine would be, about our structured "school time," and what we would accomplish in the week. Those things DID NOT HAPPEN. But, we had a great week together, still had some great conversations, discovered a new park and I got some mommy time. So all-in-all, I'd say it was still a good week even though my pre-determined goals were not achieved.

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