Thursday, September 3, 2015

Advice and Community

Advice is a tricky thing because it is subjective. I remember as a kid being given advice on how to get rid of hiccups (I was constantly plagued by the "hurting hiccups"). I always thought the advice was ridiculous, none of it worked. The only way to "get rid of hiccups" was to wait.

Then when I was getting married I once again was bombarded with advice. Then when I was pregnant and miscarried at 9 weeks...oh boy the advice I got then! The worst advice I ever got was once I actually did have kids, from people who DIDN'T HAVE KIDS. What the heck do these people know?

I've obviously had a lot of bad experience with advice, but through it all, I have received several gems. I've also begun to recognize whose advice I truly value and seek after it. And this is where community comes into play.

Being a mom can be very isolating. Then add in being a stay-at-home mom who homeschools her kids and it can feel like you never see anybody and no one gets what is going on with you and your kids. But there is a plethora of ways to get connected and not be alone and find people who can give you GREAT advice.

Although we have moved several times, to 3 different states, our church community is the first place I find friends. There are always other young moms who need friendship just as badly as I do. Our most recent move to California has introduced me to an amazing woman, 20 years older than me who is my new role model. She has the BEST ADVICE, is so patient with her 9 kids, works hard to maintain a spiritual home and is always HONEST.

We also belong to a charter school community that helps us with our curriculum choices and provides opportunities to go on field trips, take reduced price swim lessons, and take on-site classes. We've met lots of other great moms and kids of all ages at this wonderful place.

The online community of homeschoolers is also an AMAZING place to get encouragement and feel connected. I am so happy I've found some of these other mommy bloggers, especially Steady Mom who is also editor at Simple Homeschool she has such a simple, kind, peaceful way of writing that is SO inspiring to me.  Kris at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, BlogSheWrote, and Quill and Camera. These moms write articles that are timely, interesting and meaningful to me. They share the triumphs and difficulties and help me feel like I'm not alone!

My one piece of advice? Create a community where you can go for support and advice. It has become a very cherished part of my day.

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