Monday, August 10, 2015

Technology in Homeschool

This is a list of the websites, apps and other technological tools we are currently using and LOVE: we discovered this awesome game last year. Both the Bear (2nd grade math level) and Buddy (K-1st grade level) love this game. As the parent you set up an account for your child and select what math grade level, type of problems and even how many of each problem they work on. Then your child logs in, creates a wizard and helps other people around the land by defeating beasts. (They defeat a beast by answering about 4 math questions that you previously assigned to them.) To get signed up go here, your account is free! To play go here. Certain parts of the game play (like earning new outfits for your wizard and being able to catch all the beasts) are members only. But every educational aspect of the game is free! This is a members only website, but they usually offer a free 30 day trial. My second learned all his letter sounds by watching the AMAZING letter videos they have on their site. (I would often wake up in the morning singing the letter songs...because they were so fun!) I am not a kid's music fan, but these songs were catchy and very cute. You can select the grade level you'd like your child to begin working on and the program will take them through fun lessons that hit on various learning styles. This is a mostly free site to assist with reading readiness (members get access to math tools and more reading tools up to 2nd grade.) You can also purchase the apps for about $2 each. My oldest learned her alphabet sounds by playing on this website. It is simple, colorful and utilizes videos and song to teach the basics of reading. this is a FREE website where your student can watch science videos and practice their basic math skills for any grade level. If your student is struggling with a concept they will be prompted to watch a video that will explain how to complete that type of math problem. They also have computer programming, history, art, economics and much more! my kindergartener has really enjoyed this FREE site. Your child watches an interactive episode (they call them appisodes) and helps solve problems the characters come across. After the appisode your child gets more practice with those skills. Some of these skills include skip counting, shape identification, tanagrams, fractions, doubles and greater than/less than. a plethora of FREE typing practice games with great animation. Choose anything from Ninja cats, blimps, planes or zombies to practice your typing skills.

Grade level learning games by Kevin Bradford: each grade level is a separate app that costs about $2, but you can try out a few of the games for free to make sure you want to purchase it. The games are very age appropriate and include math and language skills. My daughter learned how to put words in alphabetical order by playing one of the games in the 2nd grade app! Each app comes with about 10 games each. Purchase HERE to support this blog!

GeoChallenge app: very interactive app that let's you tour the globe, see each nation's flag and hear how they say hello! Older kids can also read basic facts about the country they click on like capital, language, population and currency used.

duolingo app: A great, basic way to practice a new language. The best part is that they have many languages to choose from! We've worked on Portuguese and Italian.

BlogSheWrote History and Geography Quests: have you seen these? She has a whole list of these on her blog that help you and your student learn more in depth about subjects by doing guided research!

Our charter school also uses a site called Let's Go Learn to test the incoming students in math and reading. So if you're curious about what grade level your child is, you can check out that site too!

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