Monday, August 17, 2015

Successful Homeschooling

What does a successful homeschool day look like? That's a REALLY DIFFICULT QUESTION to answer because it is totally subjective. (If you'd like more input on the subject I had a great time reading through a few blog posts that may enlighten you: BlogSheWrote, and Homeschool Diaries on Habits of Happy Homeschoolers and Eclectic Homeschooling. And you can visit Successful Homeschooling to get a TON more information and help. And in case you think anyone homeschooling has super powers you should read this.) Here's how I know we're being successful:

Buddy approaches me with questions about multiplication or genealogy or wants to discuss facts about dinosaurs. I know then that I've exposed him to new things that has turned his brain into a question machine. I also know he's had enough QUIET TIME to process new information and create HIS OWN QUESTIONS!

A stellar day in our home includes JUST ONE of these things: have you discussed something in depth? Have you been curious and researched a question? Have your explored or closely observed anything? Have you made anything you are proud of? Have you mastered a skill? Have your learned something new, do you really understand it?  Have you had fun? Did you try something new? Did you visit a new place?

HOMESCHOOLING IS A LOT LIKE PARENTING. It is a slow process that requires consistency and a little bit of work every day. It can be exhausting and you're probably going to worry...a lot...about whether or not "you're doing it right." Are your kids happy, growing, learning, inquisitive? You're doing it right!

My friend and I had an amazing revelation at about the same time in our homeschooling adventures. She said to me, "I realized I shouldn't be teaching public school at home. I need to stop trying to simulate public education and embrace that we're at home!" There are so many chances to expose your kids to amazing things, so go on an adventure and try something new!

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