Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Printing...ugh printing

So, we don't own a printer. Which is really annoying on a very regular basis. There are all sorts of awesome things I find on pinterest that I'd love to print: worksheets, coloring pages, general school stuff that looks fun!

Well, today I found a great homeschool curriculum for Language Arts that I'm stoked to start...but it's ONLY AVAILABLE IN PDF! Jenny Phillips, a musician and homeschooler, created this amazing curriculum for K-4...and it's FREE!

Luckily, she suggests at the end of your order to use a printing service called Best Value Copy. Well, I'm not one to just take a recommendation from a stranger, so I compared the prices for my print job with BVC to the local print locations for FedEx Office and Staples. Yeah, there's not much to compare. My total print cost for over 300 pages was $34 dollars with BVC. (That includes $18 in shipping, but I live in a remote town.) For only the 200 page project with FedEx, they wanted over $120. And Staples was charging 10 cents a page for black and white, while BVC only charges 2.5 cents for black and white!

Anyways, if you need to get a bunch of stuff printed for your homeschool, I totally recommend Best Value Copy! Happy Homeschooling!

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