Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Not Back-to-School

We are year-round schoolers (mostly because my husband and I feel like this more accurately represents adult life...in that summer vacation isn't a reality beyond public school). But, we just recently had about a week and a half off of all regular book and computer work. Our brief vacation is now over and we are back to the daily grind of things...this is what today, our first day back to school looked like:
We had 4 loads of laundry to do, which is most of the mess you see, mixed in with pencil boxes, notebooks and school books...and of course toys.

I got Squeaker a little preschool workbook so she could do "school" with us too. The Bear decided to take a break from her math to help sister. Speaking of math, I'm trying something new with her...which is really hard for me since I like to control things. Each day the Bear is assigned one lesson in her Go Math! book, but I'm giving her the freedom to work on it at her own pace. In the past, I've sat down with her and made her finish it, but I'm trying to give her more responsibility and ownership of her work. Also, if she doesn't finish her lesson she can't do any of the fun stuff like play on Prodigygame.com or ride her bike!

Here is the Bear checking her spelling pre-test. We haven't done any official spelling work with her before. In the past I've just let her sound things out and enjoy the process of writing. However, since she is quite an advanced reader I'm starting to push her in spelling and writing this year. Her Write Source book has an alphabetized spelling list that we're going to work through. Today I tested her on all the letter "A" words and she only missed 3, so we'll practice those for the next few days and move on to "B" words soon. 

Once we finished our "have-to's" (reading, writing and math) with Buddy and the Bear...and I finished washing and drying my mound of laundry we went off to the dump to recycle our water bottles and pick up balloons for a fun experiment we'll do later. Once we got home we read in our Daily Science book. Then the kids cleaned up the living room, did their other chores and watched "They Might Be Giants" videos on YouTube while I exercised. That was our day!

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