Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mama Laws

This is me! With Squeaker in the back and Buddy right next to me. The Bear was at her first girl scout meeting on this day, but she had plenty of fun without us! We've been having so much fun this summer, hiking, swimming, playing at the park and going to the beach. But we haven't completely forgone all our book learning. At the beginning of summer we made up some sticker charts for both the Bear and Buddy; that way they could see what the goal was and could see their progress as the summer wore on.

Bear's goals were to read 23 books and complete her entire 2nd grade math book, which only required her to do 4 pages a day, 5 days a week. Well, her love of late-night reading took over...she finished all 23 books in about 2 weeks. She is currently 6.5 and reading on a 5th grade level, so she ripped through 23 Magic Treehouse books and other 2nd grade reading level books with ease. (I still struggle with knowing how hard to push her. I don't want her to get overwhelmed, but she is obviously advanced and I'm glad I have my husband to remind me that she can handle tough stuff.) She also really enjoys math so most days she does more than the 4 page minimum.
 These are her charts. She wrote the book and date finished on her reading chart. Below we put the dates from the beginning of summer until the end of the summer. A sticker represents 4 pages of finished math.

Buddy's goals were to complete his Star Wars 1st grade Math book and his Star Wars Kindergarten ABC's and Phonics book. (By the way, I totally love these Star Wars books, from the people who make the Brain Quest books. My kids love doing the word problems on Tatooine, etc.)
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 My little guy is going into Kindergarten this year, but we've been doing math for at least a year so he's well past the kindergarten stuff. Buddy didn't have a certain number of pages he had to accomplish each day, but if he did one in each book, each weekday, he would finish well before our August 24th deadline.
Here are Buddy's charts: his math chart had specific numbers, he got to put a sticker on it when he finished that page. (Ok, so these charts are a little CRAZY, but he was excited about them.)

As it stands, they both look like they will finish in the next 2 weeks, about 2 weeks ahead of their final deadline. I promised them if they finished all their work I would take them to one of those bouncy house places. Squeaker (my youngest) is getting very impatient!

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