Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Homeschooling Encouragement Part 1, YOU CAN DO IT!

I was discussing with a college friend on facebook about why I decided to homeschool. So I thought I'd put it up here for the world!

The main things that pushed me to want to homeschool include the following: I believe that kids should be kids and not cooped up in a classroom for 6+ hours a day. I believe I can teach them just as effectively (and certainly more efficiently) than a public school. But...once I had a desire to teach them I still wasn't sure I was going to teach them at home.

 I remember the days, back when I had 2 monkeys, the Bear was only about 3. I couldn't get enough information from mommy bloggers about homeschooling...because it's scary! The thoughts were, "Really, can I do this?" "What about socialization, won't we be weird?"

Early homeschool days: simple crafts and LOTS of reading!

Well, mama, the answers are yes, it will be fine, and maybe!

Starting when your kids are little makes the transition SO easy! Back in the day (pictured above) we played with stickers, read TONS of library books, watched very little TV (until I got pregnant again), and spent lots of time at the park. If you're already a stay-at-home mom, these things are easy to do! Don't forget sensory activities (that help engage your young child's senses). These can be messy (and frustrating) but are great for development.

Sensory activities are so fun that everyone will be asking to join in!

2 years ago, when the Bear turned 5, I stepped up my game...a little. We got abcmouse.com, kept reading TONS of library books (like 30 plus every week...and don't forget non-fiction!), and then I started creating some simple themed weeks. Pinterest became my best friend to create all of these "units." I would search for castle projects, dragon ideas, princess coloring pages and put it all together and do a few of these things each day. Also, that week all our books from the library would be on that subject. The Bear and Buddy both really enjoyed these units. And it was a great way to get excited about number/letter/sound/sight word recognition.

This is Buddy during super hero week, using a nerf gun to shoot numbers posted around the house. This was practicing his number recognition and order! Plus it was just super fun to run around the house shooting stuff!

Last year we stepped up our homeschooling a little bit more by adding in structured math. We use Go Math! and love it. I just bought our new books for the year and spent $30 for both grade levels. And for the average kindergartener that's all you really need. Keep reading those library books, get a math book that they enjoy, and get them into a class (gymnastics, karate, art, kinderDrums, etc.).

The long and short of it is that if you spend a few hours a week on Pinterest gathering info, have a library card and access to a few basic craft supplies you can totally homeschool your kids!

If you need help setting up these little units, check out my Pinterest boards here. And don't forget to check back here often for new unit ideas!


  1. Ok, so you're going to be tired me of asking all these questions, but where do you find the time to research/plan? Do you have a routine?

    1. I do most of my activity planning on Pinterest in the evening. You can check out my boards if that helps, I have a link on the top of my blog. I avoid routine, because I don't like feeling guilty when I don't follow my routine. I LOVE check lists, which I will post about next.

      Also, this is one of my favorite things to talk about, so don't feel bad about asking lots of questions! I'll do my best to answer them!


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