Thursday, August 27, 2015

Homeschooling at the River

 So, I have cheated here a little bit, these are 2 different bodies of water...but we definitely were able to learn a lot while we were at both of these locations! Don't forget to check out other homeschooling AWAY FROM HOME ideas: in the woods, at the docks and at the grocery store!

So what did we learn while we were out and about? Buddy is quite the animal catcher (I often find him catching spiders) so he got more practice carefully HANDLING ANIMALS, this time it was a frog! And since we live in a very moderate climate we EXPERIENCED 100 degree weather so we can better UNDERSTAND differences in temperature...we spent a lot of time DISCUSSING the WEATHER and why it is so much cooler where we live. This discussion has led to further learning, this week we will work on the question, "What causes the Weather?" in our Daily Science work book!

The kids were able to EXPERIMENT with cooling themselves off, watching their hats float downriver, and watching their hats sink in the water once saturated. My youngest, Squeaker, got to OBSERVE EVAPORATION. She hates to get her clothes wet, so we sat in the sun for about 5 minutes and watched her pants dry out!

We also OBSERVED the flow of the river and discussed where rivers are going, what causes white rapids and DEFINED and COMPARED different BODIES OF WATER (lake, river, creek, waterfall).

We love getting out of the house to learn, explore and grow. Happy homeschooling!

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