Monday, August 24, 2015

Homeschool in the Woods

It took us about an hour to get away from it all, and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT! Homeschooling in nature is so rewarding! We got to DISCOVER tiny frogs and DISCUSS/HYPOTHESIZE what would happen to the little guy since he was missing a leg! We got plenty of EXERCISE running through the forest and splashing through the streams. We COMPARED the different species of ferns (and later read about them and learned their names), DISCUSSED and OBSERVED fire and water damage, and we ANALYZED our environment to MAKE DECISIONS about how to cross the creek, climb over fallen trees and continue our adventure up the canyon. We also got to OBSERVE Roosevelt Elk and APPLY knowledge we had previous gained to DISCUSS their behavior and DIFFERENTIATE male from female, bodily functions, IDENTIFY scat, and DISCUSS a harem.

Don't forget to check out grocery store schooling and homeschool at the docks!

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