Monday, August 3, 2015

Homeschool? Charter School?

My kids DO go to a charter school...but WAIT, there's more!
We still totally consider ourselves a homeschooling family who is lucky enough to have a great community. Our Charter is set up to support "parent choice in education." Which basically means, they are there to help us with our homeschooling needs. Awesome, right?

Because it is a charter school and not just a co-op of parents, we get a budget for each of our students! Which means I have $1200 a year for each enrolled child to spend on ANY curriculum I want for them, any school supplies we want or need, AND (drum roll please)...extracurricular activities! That's right! The Bear is in gymnastics--totally paid for by school. And this year Buddy will be in martial arts, totally paid for through school.

Another great bonus is that they have regularly scheduled on-site classes the kids can attend. This was vital for the Bear last year (her kindergarten year) because she is Ms. Social Butterfly. These classes in no way replace the work we have to do at home; they are completely supplemental. I am still completely responsible for teaching my kids to read, write, etc.

Honestly, I just feel really lucky that we have this situation. But if we were to move I would get my kids into one of the many homeschool co-ops around the country and continue business as usual. So, what is your homeschool set-up?

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