Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Grocery Store Schooling

As a homeschooling mama I have often gone to the grocery store, with all 3 kids, during "school hours," and received lots of sideways glances. WHY? I love teaching my kids at the grocery store.


7th grade middle school math class, we were all bored and tired, and somebody finally raised their hand and asked, "But WHY do we need to know this?"

Well, I'm pretty sure my kids won't ever have to ask this question, because we use math ALL THE TIME. Plus, if they ever ask why they need to learn higher math, I'll just not let them use anything electronic for a week and see how they like a world without math!

So, what do we actually learn at the grocery store, you ask? Well, today we COMPARED the cost of apples to other apples. Then we WEIGHED the apples to see how many pounds they were. Then we ROUNDED the cost of apples per pound to the nearest dollar (they were.98 cents a pound) so we could figure out the TOTAL COST of the apples! The Bear and Buddy had so much fun with this activity that we then had to repeat it with the nectarines, grapes and bananas. And then the Bear figured out how much we were going to spend on all the fruit combined.

Other things we learned include paying attention/reading signs. We learned that some fruit is sold by the pound and some fruit, like pineapple, is sold per unit. We also discussed the VALUE of fruit and found that apples are a BETTER DEAL than grapes because we get more pounds of apples than grapes for about the same price. Not to mention that they all practiced their observation skills in choosing fruit to purchase.

We practiced standing in line, being patient, taking turns when talking to a friend we ran into, and how to bag groceries. Life skills are just as important knowledge to gain as book skills! And just by chance we happened to be singing our months of the year song during the car ride there and back.

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