Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Favorite YouTube Videos for Homeschooling

Learn months of the year with this catchy tune. The video isn't that great, but we sing this song all the time!

They Might Be Giants has a ton of super fun video songs for kids! We love this tune about the number zero and this one about the Days of the Week.

Okay, TMBG have a ton of amazing kids videos and they aren't afraid to use big words like PALEONTOLOGISTINCANDESCENT GAS/ATOMIC ENERGY, COLOR SPECTRUM, VENTRICLE, and NONAGON. I love their videos because they are 1. scientifically accurate 2. they give you just enough new information to pique your interest in the subject (like, I wonder if a Triops is real?) 3. they have really funny animation that gets us all laughing. And 4. it's NOT kid music. I really can't stand kid music, it's always so whiney and rinky-dinky-tinky. Ugh. But I could listen to They Might Be Giants all day long! And if your kids are younger and you need some good letter recognition videos try E eats everything, Alphabet Lost and Found, or Letter Shapes. You can also try ZYX, and Vowels. Here are a couple simple math videos too: One Dozen Monkeys and I Can Add.

Grammaropolis is a group making fun videos all guessed it, GRAMMAR! They've been called the modern School House Rocks. They've got videos on nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives!

We like this planet song by Have Fun Teaching. It's VERY repetitive and gives a little bit of info about each planet...and it's new enough that Pluto isn't included. And if you can handle more of his rapping, you should watch this weather video. It is very informative and the chorus is a dance-break for your kids to move around to!

We have watched a lot of Ned and Nellie as well. They are an Australian group that create friendly videos. We used their alphabet sound videos to help teach phonics. But their videos include everything from nursery rhymes to phonics, shapes and colors.

We also LOVE Fitness Blender! They are a cool couple from Washington state that posts free exercise videos on YouTube. The videos are very professional and I love that they have a timer so you know how much time you have left with each exercise. I also love that they don't use music so I can listen to my own jams! And the exercises are simple enough that my 6 year old can follow along and exercise with me!

There is so much on YouTube, but these are some of the things we use and love! I will continue to add new favorite videos as we find them, so check back often! What are your favorite educational YouTube videos?

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