Saturday, August 29, 2015

Book Review: Max and Ruby

Favorite Board Books: Max and Ruby Counting Peas and Max's Birthday
First of all, have I mentioned that we LOVE our library. As we've moved all over the Northwest, the first thing we always look up is what kind of children's section they have in the local library. Our current library has an amazing children's section because it is totally enclosed and separate from the adult section of the library AND it has it's own private bathroom back there!

We love these two Max and Ruby books because they are particularly funny. We also think "Max's Breakfast" is hilarious. Max is just a spunky dude and knows what he wants. I read these books over and over...and over and over to my kids and they loved them (especially Squeaker who is 3). Even the Bear, who is 6.5, laughed at these books!

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